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Author: Knowles, John

Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Published 30/06/2016 by Simon & Schuster Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the AN AMERICAN CLASSIC series
Paperback | 288 pages

AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4 'A GOOD READ' 'A novel that made such a deep impression on me at sixteen that I can still conjure the atmosphere in my fifties: of yearning, infatuation mingled indistinguishably with envy, and remorse' Lionel ShriverAn American coming-of-age tale during a period when the entire country was losing its innocence to the second world war.

Set at a boys' boarding school in New England during the early years of World War II, A Separate Peace is a harrowing and luminous parable of the dark side of adolescence. Gene is a lonely, introverted intellectual. Phineas is a handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete.

What happens between the two friends one summer, like the war itself, banishes the innocence of these boys and their world.

A Separate Peace : As heard on BBC Radio 4

SKU: 9781471152320
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