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Author: Blackwood, Algernon, McLaren, Joe

Classic horror & ghost stories
Published 13/10/2022 by PUSHKIN PRESS in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 256 pages

A British traveller in France stops in a remote French hill town with some very unusual inhabitants and soon finds himself unable to leave; a scholar staying in a lodging house feels himself observed by a malevolent presence; two friends on a canoeing trip spend a night on a lonely willow-covered island in the middle of the Danube, haunted by the strange trees and sinister shapes in the water...

Algernon Blackwood is one of Britain's greatest ever proponents of weird and supernatural stories. This collection contains four of his most unnervingly curious tales: 'Ancient Sorceries', 'The Listener', 'The Sea Fit' and 'The Willows'.

Ancient Sorceries

SKU: 9781782278511
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