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Author: Rogers, Kathy, Ross, Stephen

Published 01/10/2020 by Vertebrate Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Big Trails series
Paperback | 176 pages, Custom maps; Colour photographs

Big Trails: Heart of Europe is an indispensable guide to the most spectacular and popular long-distance trails in the Western European countries of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

The twenty-five featured routes cover the best that European trails have to offer, sweeping from the GR21 along the Normandy Coast to the GR1 Tour de Paris and King Ludwig's Way in Germany. Culminating in trails such as the Tour du Mont Blanc and Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route, the jewels of the Alps, this delves deep into Western Europe's most iconic routes.

The book will inspire big adventures. Rather than being carried along the route, this guide provides everything you need to plan and explore further, including a general overview of the trails, specific technical information, overview mapping, key information and stunning photography. As well as this, each route specifies approximate timings devised using the Jones-Ross formula, which allows for custom itineraries to be generated depending upon the speed of the user. Whether you're walking, trekking, fastpacking or running, let Big Trails: Heart of Europe be your guide.

Big Trails: Heart of Europe : The best long-distance trails in Western Europe...

SKU: 9781839810022
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