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Author: Delmas, Vincent

Second World War
Published 10/02/2020 by GREENHILL BOOKS in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 176 pages, lllustrated throughout

A full and wholly fair representation of the most adventurous life in the history of British politics..there is not a word I would have changed in the text of this excellent graphical account' - Andrew RobertsSir Winston Churchill is considered one of the most important figures of the 20th Century.

This innovative graphic biography tells his extraordinary story, from his upbringing, through his military exploits and experience of the First World War, to his pivotal role in the Second World War. It explores the details of Churchill's life within its historical and political context and brings the story to vivid life with precision, clarity and stunning visuals.

With a foreword by leading Churchill historian Andrew Roberts, the biography is followed by a series of information pages on Churchill and the War, providing further background to the story and the opportunity to explore some of the ideas in the book in more detail.

Beautifully drawn, bursting with facts and highly accessible, this graphic biography will introduce a whole new generation of readers to Churchill's incredible career and important legacy.

Churchill : A Graphic Biography

SKU: 9781784385125
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