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Author: Brew, Simon

Published 30/09/2021 by Octopus Publishing Group (Cassell) in the United Kingdom as part of the Midsomer Murders series
Hardback | 304 pages

All is not well in the beautiful county of Midsomer. On the eve of its first Villages In Bloom competition, a man lies dead, smelling of damson jam. Who could have done it?Well, that's where you come in. Step into the shoes of Midsomer CID's newest recruit, choose your own path and decide which way the story goes.

Will you get to the bottom of the mystery? Will you bring the perpetrator to justice? And perhaps most importantly of all, could you avoid an untimely, and possibly bizarre, death... will YOU survive Midsomer? Your task is to make the right choices, solve the case and - most tricky of all - stay alive!... Good luck.

An official Midsomer Murders Interactive novel set in ITV's most celebrated and murderous county.

Could You Survive Midsomer? : Can you avoid a bizarre death in England's most...

SKU: 9781788402996
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