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Author: Scarrow, Simon

Thriller / suspense
Published 17/08/2023 by Headline Publishing Group (Headline Book Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of the CI Schenke series
Paperback | 432 pages, Map and chart


'A seriously gripping story - an outsider hero in jeopardy, a world of brooding danger, and an entirely, terrifyingly believable denouement' Owen MatthewsGermany has conquered Poland. The world is praying for peace. At home, the Nazi Party's hold on power is absolute.

One freezing night, an SS doctor and his wife cheerfully return home from an evening out. By sunrise, the doctor will be lifeless in a pool of blood.

There is pressure to record the incident as a suicide, but the first evidence uncovered by Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke points to a chillingly staged murder. The investigation is swiftly blocked by Schenke's superiors, but he can't let it go. When he uncovers links to the mysterious death of a child, a terrifying secret begins to emerge. In times of war, under a ruthless regime, there are places no man should ever enter. And Schenke fears he may not return alive . . .

'A chilling and accomplished historical thriller' Vaseem Khan'An absolute stone-cold page-turner' S. G. MacLean

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SKU: 9781472258601
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