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Author: Winter, Tamsin

For National Curriculum Key Stage 3
Published 08/07/2021 by Usborne Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

What's it like to grow up online and have every tantrum, every spot - even your first period - broadcast to hundreds of thousands of followers? A funny and heartfelt novel for fans of Geek Girl, from the award-winning Tamsin Winter: 'Fast becoming a favourite for younger teenagers.' The ObserverMost parents try to limit their kids' online exposure. But not Eva's. Her parents run a hugely successful YouTube channel, and Eva is the star of the show. But Eva is getting sick of being made to pose in stupid mum-and-daughter matching outfits for sponsored posts. The freebies aren't worth the teasing at school. And when an intensely humiliating 'period party' post goes viral, Eva is outraged. She's going to find a way to stop the channel, even if she has to sabotage it herself.

Girl (In Real Life)

SKU: 9781474978484
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