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Author: Aston, Felicity

Autobiography: general
Published 08/07/2021 by Headline Publishing Group (Welbeck) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 208 pages, 100 clr and b&w illus

Great explorers are known for their hard-earned skills and meticulously honed character traits which have made their astonishing endeavours possible. Valuable lessons are waiting to be learned from the feats attained by the most revered names in exploration – from legendary adventurers such as Ernest Shackleton to lesser-known figures such as Junko Tabei.

Life Lessons from Explorers collects 15 of the most highly prized traits shared by those who have scaled mountains and traversed tundras, proposing how these could be applied to your own life, whether you are crossing Antarctica or battling a mental obstacle. Compelling accounts of the life and times of celebrated explorers, highlighting when they have displayed these traits are accompanied by remarkable images of the people who have travelled to the ends of the Earth, and the places they discovered.

Life Lessons from Explorers : Learn how to weather life's storms from history...

SKU: 9781787396111
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