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Author: Bleakley, Sam

Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation
Published 03/03/2020 by The Ivy Press in the United Kingdom as part of the Mindful Thoughts series
Hardback | 160 pages

Mindful Thoughts for Surfers explores how meditative a life on the surfboard can be. These 25 insightful musings will inspire beginners and experts alike.

The heightened attention in surfing and the meditative nature of water facilitate the perfect opportunity to practise mindfulness. Sam Bleakley is an international longboard champion and advocate for all forms of waveriding. With an interest in Buddhism and Taoism, he discusses: Blue mindfulness - identifying with the oceanThe connection to nature Dropping the egoEmbracing imperfectionResponsibility and diversityThe opportunity for play, beauty and musicThrough these reflections, Sam explores how riding the waves is the ultimate meditation and offers an astute awareness of what the oceans tell us about our place in the natural world - if we would just listen. His illuminating meditations, each beautifully illustrated, make this book perfect for dipping into and offer a gentle gateway into life-affirmingawareness for everyone. If you like this you might also be interested in Mindful Thoughts for Runners . . .

Mindful Thoughts for Surfers : Tuning in to the tides

SKU: 9781782408956
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