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Author: Boyd, William

New York
Published 18/08/2020 by Penguin Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 80 pages

The infamous literary hoax that fooled the art worldOn January 8 1960, artist Nat Tate set out to burn his entire life's work. Four days later he jumped off a Staten Island ferry, killing himself. His body was never found. When William Boyd published his biography of Abstract Expressionist Nat Tate, tributes poured in from a whole host of artists and critics in the New York art world. They toasted the troubled genius in a Manhattan launch party attended by David Bowie and Gore Vidal. But Nat Tate never existed. The book was a hoax. Will Boyd's biography of a fake artist is a brilliant probe into the politics of authenticity and reputation in the modern art scene. It is a playful and intelligent insight into the fascinating, often cryptic world of modern art.

Nat Tate : An American Artist 1928-1960

SKU: 9780241988879
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