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Author: Selvarajah, Rani

Myth & legend told as fiction
Published 25/05/2023 by HarperCollins Publishers (One More Chapter) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 384 pages

‘A beautiful and unique retelling of Medea. I loved it!’ Sunday Times bestselling author Sophie Irwin

‘Absorbing and thoughtful…full of page-turning drama and vibrantly drawn characters. Bold and illuminating’ Claire Heywood, author of Daughters of Sparta

A propulsive retelling inspired by the Greek myth of Medea

Calcutta, 1757.

Bengal is on the brink of war. The East India Company, led by the fearsome Sir Peter Chilcott, are advancing and nobody is safe. Meena, the Nawab’s neglected and abused daughter, finds herself falling under the spell of James Chilcott, nephew of Sir Peter, who claims he wants to betray the company . . . for a price.

Caught between friend and foe, Meena and James escape Calcutta, their hands stained in blood and pockets filled with gold. In Ceylon, they’re cleansed of their sins by Meena’s beloved aunt Kiran, before the young lovers set sail for the Dutch controlled Cape of Good Hope, with the promise of a new life.

Yet past resentments and present betrayals begin to pile up as they struggle to overcome their differences. And as Meena yet again finds herself in a foreign land without anyone to turn to, she is forced to find out what she is willing to sacrifice when love turns to hate.

The perfect read for fans of The Song of Achilles, Ariadne and Pandora

‘Extraordinary… Selvarajah skillfully interweaves the familiar story of Medea with something vivd, vibrant and brand new’ Sarah Underwood, author of New York Times bestseller Lies We Sing to the Sea

‘A clever and compassionate retelling of the Medea myth . . . an ending worth of the great Greek playwrights’ Laura Shepperson, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Heroines

‘Mythic, rageful and timely… a devastating must read’ Tasha Suri, author of TikTok sensation, The Jasmine Throne

‘A beautiful and unique retelling of Medea’ Sunday Times bestselling author Sophie Irwin

‘Powerful and entrancing’ USA Today bestseller, Andie Newton

‘A vivid picture of a dark and difficult world… an emotional journey of a woman’s strength and determination despite all the odds’ Siya Turabi, author of The Last Beekeeper

Savage Beasts

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