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Author: Cornwell, Bernard

c 1800 to c 1900
Published 09/06/2022 by HarperCollins Publishers (HarperCollins) in the United Kingdom as part of The Sharpe Series series
Paperback | 336 pages

*The new novel in the bestselling Sharpe series – SHARPE’S COMMAND – is available now*


The global bestseller Bernard Cornwell returns with his iconic hero, Richard Sharpe.

If any man can do the impossible it's Richard Sharpe . . .

Paris, 1815

Richard Sharpe is a man with a reputation. Born in the gutter, raised a foundling, he’s the army’s loose cannon – but also its most formidable weapon.

With violence brewing in the aftermath of Waterloo, and a secretive group of revolutionaries hell-bent on avenging Napoleon’s defeat, Sharpe is called to the front line: the maze of Paris streets where lines blur between friend and foe.

And in search of a spy, he must defeat a lethal assassin determined to destroy his target, or die trying . . .

Sharpe’s Assassin was a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback the w/c 4th October 2021.

Sharpe’s Assassin : Book 24

SKU: 9780008184049
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