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Author: Mathias, Tracey

United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 06/08/2020 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 448 pages


'A furious dystopian shoulder-shake ... Mathias's YA

debut is a hundred-decibel alarm call' - The Guardian

'A thrilling story with terrifying real-world resonance'

- Irish Times

What should you do with a dangerous truth?

Zara keeps secrets. It's the only way she can stay safe, now that

the hard right Party is in power. Because under the government's

British Born policy, Zara is an illegal, at risk of immediate

arrest and deportation.

She can't tell anyone who she is. And she can't tell anyone what

she knows: the truth about how her friend Sophie died.

Stay silent. Stay secret. Stay safe. They're such

simple rules.

Until she meetsAsh...


Previously published in 2018 as Night of the Party (9781407188003)

Silence is Also a Lie

SKU: 9780702304583
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