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Author: Lao Tzu, Dale, Ralph Allen

Published 16/03/2017 by Watkins Media Limited (Watkins Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of the Sacred Texts series
Hardback | 224 pages

>Tao Te Ching translates very roughly as 'the way of integrity'. In its 81 verses it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world with goodness and integrity: an important kind of wisdom in a world where many people believe such a thing to be impossible.

Taosim affirms that each human being is a reflection of the whole universe, a microcosm within the macrocosm, and that all of us live under the same cosmic laws of the Tao. The Taoist follows the path of non-action (Wu Wei), flowing with the constantly changing stream of life, and trying to live in universal harmony and balance.

The easily assimiliated aphorisms in this great book are a continuous source of spiritual guidance and nourishment, and its insights on statesmanship are practical guides for our own time.

Ralph Alan Dale's brilliant translation uniquely captures, as never before, the essential meaning of this profound text, and makes it entirely relevant to today's readers.

Tao Te Ching - Sacred Texts : 81 Verses by Lao Tzu with Commentary

SKU: 9781786780287
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