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Author: Institutes, Berkshire Federation of Women's

Published 15/04/2019 by Countryside Books in the United Kingdom as part of the Village Book series
Paperback | 208 pages, black and white line drawings and colour photographs; black and white line drawings and c

The Berkshire Village Book is a celebration of the unique communities at the heart of a diverse and fascinating county. Compiled by the Berkshire Federation of Women's Institutes, it gathers together descriptions of over 100 villages, recalling the history, people and events that make each one unique, and how their collective identity has shaped the Royal County of Berkshire. From the rural farming communities and horse-racing heartland of the Berkshire Downs, to the historic and picturesque villages of the Thames Valley, Berkshire can feel simultaneously cosy and stately. The proximity of London is inescapable, but this county retains an identity distinctly its own. Despite the challenges brought about by the modern age, Berkshire's villages continue to thrive, with traditions and values passed from one generation to another.

The Berkshire Village Book will appeal to those who have lived in the county all their lives and those visiting for the first time.

The Berkshire Village Book : The places, the people and their stories

SKU: 9781846743825
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