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Author: Mathews, Arthur

Published 29/10/2020 by FABER & FABER in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 176 pages

During a time of momentous events -BREXIT! A GENERAL ELECTION! A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!- the Government's chief adviser has been writing down his thoughts - in diaries, blog posts, on Post-it notes and any scrap of paper he can find.

Discovered in an abandoned backpack on a train, we reveal the intriguing contents. These include:· The full story of the INFAMOUS TRIP TO DURHAM (and furious dash back to London while driving at speed with faulty eyesight)· The SHOCKING REVELATIONS of his 1995 Russian diary · FASCINATING secrets of CABINET ZOOM CALLS in which government ministers SHAKE IN TERROR when he asks them some very basic questions· What happened when he hit MICHAEL GOVE over the head with a PENCIL · His EXPLOSIVE REACTION to BORIS JOHNSON'S DEATH (and subsequent response when he found out the PM was still alive)· The sheer EXHILARATION of being DOMINIC CUMMINGSAnd much, much more . . .

The Cummings Files: CONFIDENTIAL : Thoughts, Ideas, Actions by Dominic Cummin...

SKU: 9780571365821
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