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Author: Wood, Tom

Thriller / suspense
Published 10/05/2012 by Little, Brown Book Group (Sphere) in the United Kingdom as part of the Victor series
Paperback | 544 pages

An impossible mission, for a man who barely existsThe mysterious assassin known only as Victor is locked in an uneasy alliance with the CIA. And he has a list: three names, three victims. Worst of all, Victor is given just two days to take down his targets, forcing him to compromise his usual extreme care.

With each name Victor crosses off his list, the game grows far more complex - and far more lethal. A conspiracy begins to unwind and suddenly this perfect assassin becomes the perfect target.

Zooming from Moscow to London and Washington, and loaded with suspense, twists and sex appeal, The Enemy is a high-octane thrill-ride ideal for fans of Lee Child.

The Enemy

SKU: 9780751545357
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