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Author: Pim, Richard

Adult & contemporary romance
Published 18/11/2021 by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
Paperback | 444 pages

A beautiful Sicilian girl is trapped between two men. One wants to destroy her, the other, a mysterious stranger, unconditionally risks his life for her love.

The aristocratic Sicilian girl, Countess Octavia Delmonte, has bewitchingly attractive eyes that the enigmatic stranger finds increasingly difficult to resist. On her right hand she wears an ancient ring that contains the key to a legend, the discovery of which is destined to change her life forever.

Octavia loved her fiance, until he betrayed her, shattering her heart, leaving her future confused and uncertain. It is then in her hour of difficulty, that Octavia discovers unexpected resilience, that she is convinced is contained in her blood - genes forged from a long ago past in ancient Greece. The emotional and ever increasingly dangerous roller coaster ride that defines Octavia's destiny offers no reprieve or escape, only her faith in the impossible can offer hope.

The Greek Ring climaxes in a fiery dance of hypnotic passion and death as the Sicilian Mafia in their pursuit of power, greed and revenge, are determined to destroy the consuming love that burns between the dazzling Octavia Delmonte, and the dark stranger.

With its classical European characters, romantic mediterranean setting and ruthless Mafia driven plot of jealousy, violence and retribution, The Greek Ring will have wide appeal.

The Greek Ring

SKU: 9781839757440
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