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Author: Wisdom, Judith

Picture storybooks
Published 01/02/2021 by Troika Books in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 32 pages, 32 Illustrations, colour

This is the story of three friends who had no place to call their own. Unhappy and thought of as strange and too shy they decide one day to set sail in search of a better life. After a few days they find a beautiful island and land with great optimism for the future. But the islanders aren't very friendly and one little angry man declares that they should be locked up in a zoo and painted green to fit in. Stared at, isolated, surrounded by sad zoo animals they decide to break out and sail away. As they leave a great storm brews up and they see that the islanders are in peril. They return to help save the people. Everyone clambers on board the ship and they set sail again for a better life. As they sail the colours they were coerced to wear disappear and they discover each others wonderful colours and they realise that being different is fun.

The Island

SKU: 9781912745036
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