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Author: Lewis, Matthew Gregory

Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
Published 24/10/2019 by Alma Books Ltd (Alma Classics) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 448 pages

'A masterpiece of the Gothic genre, The Monk tells the story of the Capuchin friar Ambrosio and his fall from grace through desire, greed and lust. Favourably reviewed at first, the novel was later so widely and raucously denounced for its perceived licentiousness, blasphemy and corrupting influence that Lewis had to remove controversial passages from future editions. Unsurprisingly, amidst this furore, the book was immensely popular with the reading public.

Suffused with eroticism, and focusing on the corrupting influence of power, The Monk pioneered a shocking new form of Gothic novel, where elements such as mob violence, incest and brutal murder replaced the gentler horrors of earlier practitioners of the genre.'

The Monk : Annotated Edition

SKU: 9781847498168
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