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Author: Mathews, Meg

Women's health
Published 01/10/2020 by Ebury Publishing (Vermilion) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 272 pages

'Brutally honest, eye-wateringly detailed, funny, informative and crammed with practical advice ... compelling, essential reading.' You magazine'I want to break down the taboos and communicate frankly about the menopause ... This book is about giving you the knowledge of what to look out for and how to own it.' Meg MathewsWhen Meg Mathews hit menopause she was shocked at the lack of awareness, understanding and support shown to women - and also found the information available far too dreary. After getting her symptoms under control she became determined to help other women avoid an experience like hers. The New Hot is her no-holds-barred guide to menopause designed to entertain and empower women in equal measure. It's full of Meg's personal insights as well as the latest information and advice from a wide range of menopause and lifestyle experts. Together they cover a wide range of issues, including: - What the hell is going on? (a meno-audit of the 34 possible symptoms and how to start taking control)- Hey Doc! I need help (how to ask your GP for the right support and treatment for you)- Eat to beat your hormones (food as medicine, gut health, supplements and a meno-friendly eating plan)- Look alive (skin-saving beauty and style tips)- Vagina SOS (all about 'down-there' healthcare and two pelvic floor exercises that really help)- To HRT or not HRT? That is the question (the hot topic of benefits, options, risks and who can have it)- Menopause au naturel (managing menopause symptoms naturally when HRT isn't for you)- Let's get physical (why exercise matters, how to do it and a 5-minute workout)- Meg's meno-dictionary (a quick guide to medical terms your doctor might use)Honest, empowering and entertaining, The New Hot will help you take on the menopause - and keep your sense of self, style and humour intact. Two-colour throughout with line illustrations.

Erratum: The expert's view on pp. 224-225 of The New Hot was incorrectly attributed to Tania Adib. Please note that it was written by Dr Larisa Corda, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility Expert.

The New Hot : Taking on the Menopause with Attitude and Style

SKU: 9781785042539
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