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Author: Sieghart, William

Published 28/09/2023 by Penguin Books Ltd (Particular Books) in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 176 pages

The world has reopened and so has the Poetry Pharmacy: the powerful final instalment in the hugely beloved seriesAfter the tumult of the last years, William Sieghart is back to prescribe the perfect poem for a variety of life's ailments, offering hope and comfort to readers in need. Here, he draws on the emails he received from the public during multiple lockdowns, as well as tried-and-true classics from his in-person pharmacies, to create an essential anthology of poetry for our times. Through his expert curation and insightful commentary, he reminds us of the power of words to help us heal, to reconnect us with the world and to recover what has been lost.

From weathering sorrow and sudden loss, to dealing with environmental despair and burnout, this new selection speaks directly to a society in urgent need of comfort and compassion. Whether you're searching for guidance, hope, or simply a moment of beauty, The Poetry Pharmacy Forever is here to provide solace, joy and inspiration, one verse at a time.

The Poetry Pharmacy Forever : New Prescriptions to Soothe, Revive and Inspire

SKU: 9780241611289
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