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Author: Pottle, Jules

Novelty, toy & die-cut books
Published 03/06/2021 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK Children) in the United Kingdom as part of the My Really Fun Maths and Science Books series
Board Book | 18 pages

This engaging and fun reference book is the perfect first step for children into the fascinating world of science!This super-fun science activity book features pop-ups, lift-flaps, and pull tabs that will engage young children with the theories of light, sound, space, electricity, optics, electromagnetics, acoustics, and more!Packed with lots of cool and interactive novelties, kids can learn as they play! Inside, you'll find:- Visually exciting fun, colourful illustrations- Nine spreads with sturdy pop-ups, pull-the-tab sliders, flaps, and cutaway pictures - with some novelties that make science happen on the page- Introductory spreads that explain what science is and how scientists experiment- A helpful science glossaryIntroduce kids to the wonder of scienceAward-winning author Jules Pottle has used her knowledge of science to create this kid-friendly STEM book that inspires children to become independent learners who love science. The Really Incredible Science Book is the first step into a world of wonder and lifelong investigation. This pop-up science book follows the early primary science curriculum and allows plenty of fun learning! Kids will discover what's in space, what happens when we mix things, how sounds are made, what a magnet is, how circuits work, what makes a rainbow, how plants grow, and so much more!Other incredible STEM titlesDK's STEM series is aimed at young readers ages 5-8 years. These books introduce them to knowledge streams such as science, maths, and engineering. These books are fun and engaging and make these subjects a pleasure to learn. Other books in this series include My First Coding Book and Geometry Genius.

The Really Incredible Science Book

SKU: 9780241461389
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