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Author: D'Amico, Joan, Drummond, Karen E.

Picture books, activity books & early learning material
Published 04/09/2020 by John Wiley & Sons Inc (Jossey-Bass Inc.,U.S.) in the United States
Paperback | 288 pages

Serve Up the Magic of Science with Fun and Kid-Friendly Cooking Experiments Break out your best aprons and spatulas: The Science Chef: 100 Fun Food Experiments and Recipes for Kids, 2nd Edition teaches children the basics of science through a variety of fun experiments, activities, and recipes. Each chapter explores a different science topic by giving you an experiment or activity you can do right in your kitchen, followed by easy-to-make recipes using ingredients from the experiment. Altogether there are over 100 experiments, activities, and recipes for you to try. From learning why an onion makes you cry to how to bake the perfect cupcake, you'll bring the fundamentals of science to life in a new, magical way.

The Science Chef covers a wide variety of scientific areas, like: How plants grow and produce seedsHow the process of fermentation produces picklesThe basics of nutritionHow acids and bases react together to make baked items rise up in the oven While the first edition of this classic book has delighted readers for over twenty years, this new edition is sure to be an even bigger hit with the kids in your home. Bon Appetit!

The Science Chef : 100 Fun Food Experiments and Recipes for Kids

SKU: 9781119608301
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