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Author: Cain, Matt

Of specific Gay interest
Published 01/06/2022 by Headline Publishing Group (Headline Review) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 464 pages

'A total triumph', 'Romantic and heartbreaking and uplifting all at once', 'Highly recommended'*The Independent best 'never-too-late' story of 2021, and one of the 8 best uplifting books of the year*IS IT EVER TOO LATE TO BE LOVED?'Wonderful . . . An utter treat' KATE MOSSE'A heartfelt coming-of-age story . . . Remarkable' LAURIE FRANKEL, New York Times bestselling author 'A heart-warming, joyous love story - original, hopeful and totally charming' ADELE PARKS 'I loved it! Really heart-warming and joyful, but also so poignant. I cannot recommend this book highly enough' LORRAINE KELLY'Albert is one of the most endearing characters I've met in a long time . . . Proof that it's never too late to find a happy ending' SUSAN WIGGS, New York Times bestselling author'A bright, clear, sharply intelligent writer' JENNY COLGAN'Will put a smile on everyone's face . . . A great big hug of a book!' - MICHAEL BALL, Radio 2 'Wonderful. Written with such a good heart, filled with joy and strength and optimism . . . inventive and fun but most importantly, true.' RUSSELL T. DAVIES'A beautiful, timely page-turner, straight from the heart . . . The perfect summer read' MATTHEW BOURNE'Brilliant . . . [I] recommend to all!' MATT LUCAS*****ALBERT ENTWISTLE WAS A POSTMAN. It was one of the few things everyone knew about him. And it was one of the few things he was comfortable with people knowing.

64-year-old Albert Entwistle has been a postie in a quiet town in Northern England for all his life, living alone since the death of his mam 18 years ago. He keeps himself to himself. He always has. But he's just learned he'll be forced to retire at his next birthday. With no friends and nothing to look forward to, the lonely future he faces terrifies him. He realises it's finally time to be honest about who he is. He must learn to ask for what he wants. And he must find the courage to look for the man that, many years ago, he lost - but has never forgotten . . .

Join Albert as he sets out to find the long-lost love of his life, and has an unforgettable and completely life-affirming adventure on the way . . . This is a love story the likes of which you have never read before!*****'Albert is such an endearing character - flawed, funny and awkward, but completely relatable. A wonderfully warm story that completely drew me in' RUTH HOGAN'A rollicking love story' IAN McKELLEN'Albert is the most delicious character and you'll be with him every step of the way' SUN'A charming adventure with love at its heart' MY WEEKLY'A life affirming story of lost love' THAT'S LIFE'A unique and moving story' CANDIS'A heart-warming and uplifting read' ATTITUDE'You will weep and yet have your heart filled with joy' ARLENE PHILLIPS'I raced through this heart-warming story' JUSTIN MYERS'Prepare to fall in love with Albert Entwistle! Touching and tender' S. J. WATSON'Albert is delightful and charming, and the book is too' JONATHAN HARVEY'I so enjoyed this - a warm-hearted, moving and thought-provoking joy about an elderly postman's awakening to life and love' FANNY BLAKE'A total triumph. Romantic and heartbreaking and uplifting all at once.' LAURA KAY'Tender, witty, uplifting' KATE EBERLENAs seen and heard on THE GRAHAM NORTON RADIO SHOW, BBC Radio 4's WOMAN'S HOUR, RESONANCE FM, BBC Radio 2'S THE MICHAEL BALL SHOW, TalkRADIO'S THE BADASS WOMEN'S SHOW, TIMES RADIO with GILES COREN and many more . . .

The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle : the most heartwarming and uplifting lov...

SKU: 9781472275080
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