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Author: Lustbader, Eric van

Thriller / suspense
Published 06/02/2020 by Head of Zeus in the United Kingdom as part of the Testament series
Paperback | 358 pages

THE FINAL BATTLE IS HERE. For millennia, Lucifer - the Sum of All Shadows - has been rebuilding his influence. At long last, he is ready to enact his ultimate revenge against Heaven. To do that, he must first annihilate the world and its inhabitants. But one extraordinary family stands in his way. To save the world, Bravo and Emma Shaw have recovered the lost Testament, battled across continents, and fought adversaries both powerful and terrifying. But nothing that has come before can prepare them for the final battle. As predicted centuries ago, the End Times have arrived. Lucifer, heading an infernal army, means to destroy the Shaws once and for all. Now, racing to find the lost treasure of King Solomon's alchemical gold, Bravo and Emma must put their trust in strangers in strange lands. But even if they are successful, their lives may still be forfeit...

The Sum of All Shadows

SKU: 9781838931902
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